Since you never know what's down the road or what is on the horizon, be prepared! As you've seen clear sky can be overcome with dark clouds. From our weather to the ominous clouds of smoke. It makes sense to have a plan. We are still offering FIRE insurance through our relationship with the Carriers open to our areas and the California Fair Plan. Our hearts go out to ALL the Camp Fire affected victims. We have vowed to help with the re-building process and to stay informed to help guide as many as possible to answers they seek.

Let us help with your insurance or housing needs.

Placing business for: California Fair Plan High fire hazard areas, including Camp fire area, Umbrella, Auto, Worker's Comp, Business Benefits  & Liability Insurance, Business Owners Policies, Life, Health, Medicare, and Covered California for Small Business and Families.  Call Joe for more information at 530-282-2899

Joseph Lynn Gourley II offers fast and thorough methods in assessing your needs and finding the insurance or real estate solutions to give you the peace of mind you're looking for.  Whether you need a straight forward or bundled homeowners policy, business owners policy, a business needing worker's comp,  or employee benefits, an auto policy to cover your classic and daily car, life insurance to protect your loved ones, or the health and supplement insurance provided by Medicare or the top health insurers, we're here for your needs.
NEED  a New Home,  are an investor looking for fixer properties, a couple wanting that perfect first home, or just want to sell your place so you can relocate?   Joe has got the solution for you through Norther California Realty Inc.  At this agency :  "We go the extra mile to make you smile."  Call or email for more information.